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covid Our measures to protect staff and guests

New Standards & Comprehensive Staff Training

hand wash

Our small team have received training in staying safe at work and will comply with protective measures recommended by global governing bodies. Regular hand washing is now the new normal habit.

temperature check

Our team will all adhere to this before, during and after their shifts. The team will continue to monitor their own health daily and we are able to perform temperature checks to all staff and guests if needed.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures


Housekeeping hours will be limited to between 10.30 am – 1pm. Guests will be required to leave the room if they would like the room to be serviced.


We have always had a rigorous cleaning and hygiene routine. Our housekeeping team will now pay even more attention around high 'touch points' – door handles, lift buttons, light switches in both the rooms and main areas of the hotel. Our cleaning products are approved effective against viruses and bacteria.

Hand Sanitisers in Key Areas

hand sanitiser

Hand Sanitisers will be available in key places around the hotel for both team and guests to use.

We will specifically ask our guests to use this facility upon entering the hotel.

Protective Screen and Distancing


We have installed a protective screen at the reception desk to ensure we can continue to provide the best service as safely as possible. We encourage our guests to continue to interact with the reception team.


Where a protective screen is not in place our team have been instructed to 'back away' in order to adhere to social distancing gaps of a 1 metre. We appreciate your understanding of this.

Flow Management


In order to help maintain social distancing around the hotel we will encourage those that can do so, to only use the elevator to go up and use the stairs to come down.

Thermal Disinfection of Linen


All linen is thermally disinfected off site by our commercial linen supplier.

Thermal disinfection is the preferred process for the Health care industry and is known to kill any virus. In fact, our linen provider operated to this standard prior to Covid-19, so we are confident that our linen is safe for guest use now and in the future..



Our Continental Breakfast will now be served to the table.

Guests will be required to make their breakfast selection the evening before and to choose the time slot in which they would like to dine.

We Are Ready to Welcome You


We want to reassure our guests and team members that we have taken every measure possible to keep everyone safe without losing the essence of 'hospitality'.

Now more than ever, small independent hotels such as ours depend on you - our wonderful guests' continued custom and understanding.

We hope to welcome you through our open doors soon!